Iron City Sports Bar Foundation

Our Mission
At Iron City Sports Bar, we believe there is a champion in every child and we are committed to helping build a community where all kids can thrive, compete, and belong to a team.

Youth Access to Sports
Team sports have a tremendous impact on youth and their overall development into adolescence and adulthood. Playing on a sports team teaches kids the skills to succeed on the field and compete in life. However, organized sports teams are expensive to launch and manage. Expenses like uniforms, equipment and food are an additional burden in many cases for our local athletic programs and youth. We support our local youth athletic programs through sponsorship, donation, and fundraising events throughout the year. Our sports bar is a place where friends and fans alike can create positive experiences for our local athletes and athletic programs. We hope our efforts, with your support, impact our local youth in a very real way helping them realize the value of being a team player and building strong community connections.

Our Efforts
We at Iron City Sports Bar have a passion for sports and our local youth. We are determined to support these local school athletic programs and positively impact our local student athletes. The funds we raise go directly back into the local athletic programs and schools, providing capital improvements to sports facilities, uniforms, equipment, transportation, staff, coach training and more.

Eat Wings, Raise Money
Simply put, with this program, when you dine, we donate to your program or cause. Contact us for more details.

Home Team Advantage
Iron City Sports Bar believes in teamwork and that it directly impacts community development, and our goal is to make Logan County the best place to live, work, play and dine! Home Team Advantage is a way for your team to earn funds to benefit your program, all season long! Let’s keep our community working and playing together.

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