Iron City's Premiere
Whiskey List

Iron City Sports Bar offers patrons a unique selection of top shelf whiskies. Whiskey drinkers will attest that we undoubtedly have the best whiskey selection in all of Logan County, and surrounding counties. Each top shelf whiskey pour is a generous 2oz pour and is served with a flight paddle including rocks glasses of ice and water so you can prepare your whiskey just how you like it. Each pour comes with complimentary bar ham, adorned atop of the glass.

Single Barrel & Small Batch Bourbons

 Elijah Craig...Spicy with hints of vanilla and butterscotch $12

Larceny…Spice, chai tea, prune and raisins with honey undertones $14

Four Roses Single Barrel…Floral and spicy with ripe plum cherries and maple syrup $16

Basil Hayden…Soft and smooth with hints of cinnamon and golden raisins $14

Bookers…Oak and vanilla – a very “hot” bourbon $16

Bakers…Leather, orange, black pepper corn, vanilla and cinnamon $16

 Makers 46…Like it’s brother, Maker’s Mark, with more vanilla, honey, sugar and caramel finish $14

Knob Creek…Oak, orange, buttered corn, burnt sugar, light heat $12

Buffalo Trace… “Heath candy bar,” sweet corn, brown sugar, tobacco $10

Bulleit…Clove, cinnamon, maple sugar, baked apples $10

Russells Reserve 10 Year…Cinnamon, butter, vanilla, and hints of dark chocolate $18

Angels Envy…Vanilla, ripe fruit, maple syrup, toast, bitter chocolate $14

Eagle Rare…Toffee, orange peel, honey and oak $18

Town Branch…Sweet corn, caramel, dry fruit, brown sugar $16

Blantons…Burnt sugar, caramel, orange, clove $22

Jefferson Reserve “Groth”…Whole grain bread, burnt sugar, light maple…aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels $24

Woodford Reserve…Rich, dry fruit, mint, oranges and cocoa $14

Jack Daniels Single Barrel…White pepper, cinnamon, cloves, almonds and honey $16


Bulleit…Cherry, raspberry, spicy, tobacco “a great introduction to Rye whiskies” $10

Templeton…Old leather, spicy, orange zest and green apples $12

Knob Creek…diced herbs, dried cherries and tobacco $12

Highland Region

Dry & Sweet with hints of honey and stone fruit

Glenmorangie “The Original” 10 Year $16

Oban 14 Year $16

Islay Region

Very smokey characteristics derived from peat

Laphroig 10 Year $14

Ardbeg 10 year $16

Speyside Region

Rich & Sweet with mellow notes and fruit flavors

Balvenie “Double Wood” 12 Year $16

Balvenie “Caribbean Cask” $18

Glenfiddich 12 Year $14

Glenlivet 12 Year $14

Macallan 12 Year $16

Irish Whiskies

Jameson 18…Nose of Amber Honey, tastes of caramel and sugared cereal with a finish of coca, ribs and walnuts

Jameson Gold…Nose of rich honey and toasted barley with tastes of butterscotch, vanilla, biscuits, finishes of wood spices and tea

Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition…Aroma of milk chocolate, malt and hops with a finish of dry & light flavor resembling cracked black pepper

Red Breast…Nose of orange marmalade, toast and coconut. Dried red fruits, cloves and honey lead to a creamy finish

Midleton…Aromas of floral honey, vanilla and barrel spices. Finishes with caramel and more vanilla, so smooth it could be a dessert!

More Whiskies

1792….Nose full of cinnamon, caramel and clove; finishes with pepper, cinnamon and spiced tea

Tin Cup…Aroma of red fruits and a hint of peanut shells finishes with brown sugar and spices

Michter’s…Nose lends aromas of chewy caramel, nougat, vanilla & spice flavors of honey, butterscotch with finishes of bold spices, candied berries and orange peel

 Town Branch Rye…Nose of Irish Soda Bread, tastes of honey, raisins, butter with a robust spice & pepper finish